3D Animated Exercises

The app utilizes 3D animations created by capturing the movements of live models. The 3D animations provide the simplicity of a clear illustration with the anatomically correct motions that only a live model can provide. The 3D animations allow patients view any angle of each exercise in real-time to improve exercise comprehension.

Custom Exercise Programs

The Morphose Exercise System app allows physical therapists to efficiently manage thousands of 3D animated exercise applications. The physical therapist assigns the number of repetitions and sets to be completed and the patient app keeps track of the workout as it is performed. Patients receive a customized exercise program before they leave the therapist’s office.

Communication is Key

The Morphose physical therapy exercise app allows direct messaging between the patient and the therapist, and alerts the therapist as the patient completes the exercise program.

Responsive Design

Patients can immediately view their custom prescriptions on their smart phones and tablets.


After a predetermined time interval, the Morphose physical therapy exercise app prompts the patient to contact their PT to schedule their next appointment. This improves exercise program compliance and patient retention.

Created by Physical Therapists & Patients

The Morphose exercise app was developed out of real world frustrations with current exercise delivery systems. Patients expect and deserve more from their home exercise program and health care dollars.